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Work quality and workers competence,

Successful cooperation

The quality of work, deadlines and compliance with warranty obligations are the operating principles that accompany us on a daily basis. Most of our team members are specialists with many years of international experience who will ensure the success of your project.

By prioritizing quality, we invite you to contact our engineers and acknowledge more about our industrial contracting options.



UAB “CB Baltic” is a supplier and manufacturer of metal products and constructions, which experience, obligations and competence are unique. We are recognized and cooperated by shipbuilders in Klaipeda region.

We are exceptional for our reliability and the quality of supplied and manufactured metal constructions and parts for various purposes.

We give priority to suppliers who use the latest technologies, we use safe, advanced production technology in the production of parts.

The goal of UAB “CB Baltic” is respect and attention to the customer: fast, efficient and high-quality production and delivery of ordered products.

We achieve our goals:

  • Analyzing the needs of customers by assessing their own and the manufacturer’s capabilities.
  • Working only with reliable suppliers, manufacturers, in order to ensure that the products or services they provide and the working conditions for their employees, technologies, control of production, would comply with our company’s policy, objectives and legal requirements.
  • By organizing practical training of employees and encouraging professional development, constantly emphasizing the personal responsibility of each employee to provide a quality product and raising their awareness of ensuring the satisfaction of customer needs and expectations.
  • We introduce company’s employees, suppliers, customers and manufacturers to the quality management goals and commitments.
  • Improving resource management.
  • We inform employees about the applicable legal and regulatory requirements.
  • When planning and carrying out activities, we involve employees and manufacturers in the activities and we seek for the effectiveness of the management system.
  • By constantly promoting technical innovations and advanced technologies, we achieve results of efficient, uninterrupted supply and production to customers.
  • By constantly controlling the production processes, we seek to ensure products that meet international standards.

To implement this policy, UAB “CB Baltic” has developed a maintained and constantly improving quality management system that complies with the requirements of the LST EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard.

In order to continuously improve and be effective, we constantly review this policy to keep it relevant, and we set goals for its implementation each year..

UAB „CB Baltic“ director                                                                 
Valerij Bezborodyj


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